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Baby Blue Monochromatic Outfit

Baby blue is for sure one of my favorite colors for summer. It is so easy to style with jeans or a denim jacket for a monochromatic outfit. If you are like me and love monochromatic looks but have a hard time putting one together, keep on reading for some of my tips!

What is a Monochromatic Outfit?

In a monochromatic outfit all pieces are in the same color.  Sounds pretty easy, right? Try gathering some clothes from your closet in the same color and putting them together. Not so easy anymore, huh?  I think monochromatic outfits look very sophicticated and are really worth the effort. The easiest way for me to put together a monochromatic look is with a pant suit. All you would need to worry about would be shoes and accessories.

Baby Blue

The one color that I believe we all own multiple pieces of is baby blue. Think denim! Do you own jeans and a denim jacket? You are already half way there. Now all you need is a top and some baby blue accessories. I wore this same top before with distressed jeans and a denim jacket. You can check it out HERE. I wasn’t really going for a monochromatic outfit back then, so I styled it with nude accessories. If you have blue heels or a bag, it will really pull together the whole look.

Monochromatic Outfit – Adding Texture

Since we are using only one color, the way to make our outfit more fun is with adding texture. Once again, if you are using denim you are already one step ahead! In my baby blue look I mixed lace and silk which I think is a really good combo! The silk top is actually Deni’s. As soon as I saw it, I though of this outfit and had to borrow it! I actually don’t own any other blue pieces (except a denim bag)  that I can add to this outfit. For my baby blue look I decided to go with a clear clutch and heels.

Lastly, when putting together a monochromatic look, don’t feel obligated to use only one shade. Mixing different shades will make your outfit even more put together! HERE is an example of a lilac monochromatic look that I recently wore.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Let me know if you’ve done any monochromatic outfits – what colors and how you styled them!




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