Chriselle VS JOA Collection Two Piece Set
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Chriselle vs JOA. collection – how to get multiple wears of your two piece set

I am so excited I got my hands on this two piece set from the Chriselle VS JOA collection. Stay with me to find out why you need one too!

My mom and I decided to spend a day in the mall like the good old days. Since I was little, one of my favorite things to do with my mom is shopping. We used to go to the mall probably once a month when I was still in school and had more free time. We love going to look at new collections, trends, new beauty products, even if we are not looking at anything specific to buy. Let’s be real, one of us always finds something she NEEDS to get.

Chriselle VS JOA Collection Two Piece Set

I had recently bough a bunch of things online, so I decided I won’t spend any money this time, unless I find a cute two piece set, since I had been looking for one forever! We always park in front of Nordstrom and enter the mall from there. My mom loves this store and we usually spend at least an hour there. Going up the escalators. I spotted this super two piece set on one of the mannequins and dragged my mom over there. What do I see – the Chriselle VS JOA collection on all of the mannequins.

Chriselle VS JOA Collection Two Piece Set

Chriselle VS JOA collection

I had no idea our local store carried this collection. Just the night before, I was looking at all of the pieces  on Chriselle’s blog. I grabbed so many pieces to try on, including this two piece set. The minute I put on the pants, I fell in love. I absolutely love the material and the fit is just perfect. Not to mention how cute is the is the lace-up detail at the front. The top can we worn two different ways – it can be tied at the front or back. I also tried on the red jumpsuit with the lace-up belt but it didn’t fit as good on me. I’ve linked my favorite pieces from the collection below. Prices range from $60 to $120. They are not cheap but I think they are definitely worth the price for the quality you get!

Why you need a two piece set this summer

This two piece set can be styled as a jumpsuit, but at the same time I can get way more uses out of it. If I don’t feel like styling my outfit I can wear both pieces together – so cute and easy, just like a jumpsuit. At the same time I can style the pieces with other items and get completely different looks. I already wore the pants with a white knot tee for a more casual look. I think it will also look cute if  I add color to it, like yellow or orange. The top is already versatile because depending on where you tie it, you can get a different effect and it almost looks like a different top. I think it will look really cute with jeans, white pants or skirt, or again I can go crazy and add color to it.

Chriselle VS JOA Collection Two Piece Set

Like most of you, I can’t afford to buy a new outfit every time I go out. I feel like I need even more outfits now that I am always taking pictures. I can’t be wearing the same outfit in all pictures. Duh! Thats why I love versatile pieces that can be easily mixed and matched and a two piece set is the way to go!

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