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Eyelash extensions – Is it worth it?

Yes, eyelash extensions are definitely worth the money, at least in my opinion! Maybe not to have them filled all the time but definitely for an event or vacation!

Eyelash extensions – PROs

I decided to get my eyelash extensions done before my trip to Vegas and it was the best decision ever! It was so much faster doing my make up and I felt prettier wearing  less makeup during the day. If you are like me and like to wear fake lashes when doing your full makeup, eyelash extensions are definitely the way to go when going on a vacation.

Another reason I wanted to give lash extensions a try is because my eyes are very sensitive to mascara. My eyes feel dry and itchy for a couple days after using mascara. I tend to avoid it and usually don’t put anything on my eyes. This is another reason I wear fake glue-on lashes so often, so I don’t need to use mascara. Having this in mind, I was very nervous that the eyelash extensions glue will irritate my eyes, but I was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t.

Check out my FAQ post for more info.

Honestly, the best part about getting eyelash extension is all the compliments I get!

eyelash-extensions-9“Your lashes are like REALLY PRETTY”

Eyelash extensions – CONs

The con of eyelash extensions – kind of but not really… that you can’t rub your eyes. I used to touch/rub my eyes all the time and they would always hurt. Now I realize my eyes were probably burning all the time because I am touching them too ofter. My eyes are feeling so much better since I got my eye lash extensions! My friend came up with the theory that they help protect my eyes better, because that what eyelashes are for, right?


Eyelash extensions – Where to go?

 I did a research on a few local places and Lash Addict Studio grabbed my attention with their Instagram page. I hadn’t ever dreamed about having lashes like some of their photos! The owner, Natali did my lashes the first time and I couldn’t be happier with the service! I took some photos to show you how cute her salon is. I visited her salon in Tampa, but she also has another location in St. Pete.

eyelash-extentions-6 eyelash-extentions-7 eyelash-extentions-8


Check this post for some FAQ about eyelash extensions.



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