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Hey guys! A lot of you have been requesting that I share more of my personal life on social media. I try posting more on my Insta Stories and sharing more in my captions but I figured a weekly blog post might be a good idea to recap my week!

It is Tuesday night as I am writing this and I have been working on editing videos… since last night! I filmed two YouTube videos on Sunday. One was a ring reveal with my Charmed Aroma candle. I am showing their October Breast Cancer Awareness Candle and the ring I received is PINK. I love it so much! Check out my video to see it! It will be up on Sunday.

The other video I filmed with one of my best friends, Monika. I wasn’t planning on filming a Halloween video but she convinced me to try recreating a famous Halloween make-up look. And I am glad she did because we had a great time! We chose the skeleton James Charles did on Kylie Jenner. We both thought it would be a disaster but we ended up loving how it turned out! Check it out HERE:

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Oh, I also received a package on Sunday from The Mint Julep boutique with a couple fall items I had ordered, so on Monday I went out to shoot some Halloween pictures. My mom and I went on a drive around the neighborhood and took pictures with some of the houses that were decorated for Halloween. My mom has been taking a lot of my pictures lately and surprisingly for both of us, she is doing a great job with the camera!


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Later that day, we went to to get some pumpkins and decorated the house.  We took some pictures at the pumpkin patch.



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Halloween was on Wednesday. I woke up late that day because I barely got any sleep the previous days. I filmed a YouTube video in Bulgarian, explaining how we celebrate fall and Halloween here in America. Later that day I headed to my parents house. They live in a nice neighborhood, where all the kids go trick or treating.  This was my first year giving candy to the kids and I had so much fun! I moved here when I was 17, so I never went trick or treating as a kid. If you are Bulgarian, check out my video:

I spent my Thursday morning editing. Later that day I went to a media dinner for the Clearwater Beach Uncorked Food and Wine Festival. The dinner was at the Public cooking school. Chef Todd Fisher was visiting from California and hosting the event. He showed us how to prepare all the food we had and we left with some great recipes.



I feel so accomplished this week and proud of myself for creating so much content and I am definitely planning on relaxing this weekend. I will be going Clearwater Beach Uncorked – a Food and Wine Festival on the beach! You can find more details about the event here.

I finished editing and posting all my videos on Friday, since it was raining the whole day. The weather is getting cooler and I love it! I am trying to figure out what to wear tomorrow… I think I might need a jacket! Follow me on my Insta Stories for weekend updates!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Let me know if you like the weekly recap blog post idea and if you want to see more next week.



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