The Fashion Spot Q&A
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The Fashion Spot Boutique Q&A

First of all, I wanted to say a huge thank you for all the love and support about The Fashion Spot. The first few months have not been easy and we put so much work into everything! All of your positive feedback means the world to us. I’ve been getting so many questions about the store, so I though I should answer the most asked questions in here.

The Fashion Spot Q&A

When did you open?  We had our soft opening in November and our Grand Opening is going to be on March 7th. We are planning so many exciting things, so make sure you come by if you live in the area!

Do you only carry clothes? Mainly clothes, but we also carry some accessories and jewelry. We are bringing in a shoe brand in Spring that we are super excited about!

Have you always wanted to open a boutique? Not at all! Owning a boutique was actually something my mom wanted to do and it ended up being a project we started together. 

Did you have to do renovations in the space? Yes! It used to be a hair salon and had a huge room in the middle where all the sinks were. We had to take it down and build our fitting rooms. Also, all the walls were red and the ceiling and floor were black! LOL I show the whole process and before and after of the space in THIS VIDEO.

Were you looking for a space in your area or anywhere in St Pete? We were looking on Central Ave. specifically. It turned out it is a lot more competitive than we thought. Took us a whole year to get a space here. 

How do you find brands? A lot of the brands we carry are brands my mom and I already knew and loved. We went to the Atlanta  Apparel Mart before we opened where we discovered so many more cute brands. 

Do you carry any local brands? We carry a local jewelry brand – Project Moment Design. Most of the clothing brands we carry are from California, but we are also bringing in some European brands and hoping to bring in more local brands.

Did you design any of the clothes? We did not, but this is another project we are hoping to start working on soon!

Did you go to any apparel markets? We’ve only been to the Atlanta Apparel Mart, but hopefully we will get to go to New York and Vegas soon 

Who picks out the clothes? My mom mom picks out some pieces and I pick out others. We always sit together when we place orders and we make the final decisions together. 

Are you influenced by your own style when shopping for the store? Definitely! It’s funny because when people who know me well walk in the store, they say that they can definitely tell I picked out the clothes. It helps that my style is very versatile. Having this in mind, I also try to not think if I am going to wear something or not when we shop for the store. I think about trends, colors, silhouette, and craftsmanship. My mom and I are both very picky and spend a lot of time picking out pieces!

What brands do you carry? Some of the brands we carry are ASTR, Line & Dot, Sadie&Sage, Sage The Label, Blue Blush, TCEC, Moon River, Endless Rose, English Factory… and many more!

Do you sell online? Not yet, we are currently working on our website. If you see anything on our Instagram or Facebook page that you like, send us a message! We can arrange to send it to you. 

The Fashion Spot Q&A

I filmed a YouTube video of the whole process of opening the store and I show a lot of the things I am talking about in this post in the video! You can check it out HERE.

If you haven’t been to The Fashion Spot yet, check out THIS POST for a mini try-on haul or head over to our Instagram page.

We are located on 1010 Central Ave, St Pete – come say hi if you are in the area 🙂

The Fashion Spot Q&A

The Fashion Spot Q&A


The Fashion Spot Q&A



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