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Hope you are all doing ok and staying safe! I know a lot of people are complaining that the beauty salons are closed, so I wanted to share these home beauty hacks and products that you can use on your own at home. These hacks will also keep you busy if you are bored at home. Think positive and be grateful that you and your family members are healthy, instead of being sad you are missing your beauty appointments.

1. At home Beauty Hacks – Nails 

I started doing my own nails a few months ago using DipWell and I am so grateful for that right now! DipWell is an acrylic dip powder system designed to use at home. It is very convenient and affordable. It comes with very detailed instructions that are easy to follow and they also have tons of tutorials online. My whole experienced is saved in my Instagram Highlights if you want to check it out. The DipWell team was so nice to provide a promo code. You can save 10% off your order with code GABRIELA

2. At home Beauty Hacks – Eyelashes

I am using the time I am staying home to give my lashes a break. I haven’t put anything on my lashes the whole month and they have grown so much! This is a great time to use lash serums to grow your natural lashes. If you are used to having eyelash extensions, there are kits you can buy to do at home. I tried Moitie Cosmetics Lashes a few months ago and was pretty happy how it turned out! 

3. At home Beauty Hacks – Eyebrows 

I waxed my own brows for the first time this month and it was a success. I used the Veet Waxing Strips that I use for my body, but cut them into smaller piece. To fill my brows, I’ve been loving the WunderBrow gel. It is water proof and lasts me up to 3 days. I don’t tint my brows, but I know there are kits available to use at home.

4. At home Beauty Hacks – Waxing/Laser

I’ve been waxing since I was 16. When I moved to Florida, I was struggling finding a waxing place that I like, so I learned to do it on my own. I use the Veet Waxing Strips on my whole body and it is super easy. I’ve been considering doing laser lately and I recently discoved the RoseSkinCo at home IPL Laser.  I am thinking about giving it a try. Let me know if anyone has tried any similar tools!  

5. At home Beauty Hacks – Tanning

If you have a back yard or a balcony, I strongly encourage you to lay outside in the sun. I am very pale and burn if I stay in the sun, so I am using self tanner.  I’ve been using Golden Star Beauty tanning products for a couple years and really love them! Check out my self tanning routine HERE

6. At home Beauty Hacks – Skin 

Use the time that you are staying home to take extra care of your skin. With a good and consistent skincare routine, your skin won’t feel that you you missed your monthly facial appointment. 

  • Make sure that you wash your face in the morning and night and exfoliate at least once a day. I apply serum, face cream, and eye cream after washing my face. I love trying out new products and just started using the new Murad Vitamin C series which brightens your skin and helps with dark circles. Products are linked below.
  • Do a mask treatment once a week. I do a clay mask every week and combine it with a brightening or hydrating treatment after. Lately I’ve been using Teami and Lapcos. 
  • I recently started doing GoopGlow Overnight Glow Peel treatment and I love the results (linked below). If you use the mask at the beginning of the week, do the peel towards the end of the week. 
  • If you are struggling with breakouts, the acne dots are great for overnight spot treatment. I’ve been using the Patchology Breakout Box and really love it, but I know there are also other brands that make them.

It might sound like a lot, but it’s really not. If you make a habit of doing it, you will feel a big difference in your skin. I actually look forward to my skincare time and really enjoy it! I linked my favorite skincare products from Sephora below if you want to check them out since they are currently having their Spring Beauty Insider Sale!

7. At home Beauty Hacks – Hair 

I haven’t tried cutting my own hair yet LOL, but I dyed my mom’s hair last week with a box hair dye and it was a success! Same as your skin, I encourage you to do hair masks and treatments while you are staying home. I recently discovered EvaNYC hair products and I absolutely love them. They are super affordable and very nice quality for the price! Some of my favorites are linked below. Now would also be a good time to stop using heat on your hair and give it a break. Or you can use the time to experiment with some hairstyles that you haven’t had time to try. I did a few TikToks with celebrity inspired hairstyles and I can’t wait to wear them out. I also tried blowdrying my hair and I loved how it turned out, so I will definitely be doing it again!


Stay healthy!



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