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3 Simple Tricks to Style a Monochromatic Outfit

A monochromatic outfit is a great way to elevate your look. Putting together pieces in the same colors may sound easy at first, but could actually get quite challenging.  The easiest way is to purchase a set, but I challenge you all to try using pieces you already have in your wardrobe. I promise you will have a lot of fun! Plus, this is a great way to reuse some pieces that have been sitting in your wardrobe and transform them into something new. Keep reading for three simple tricks to put together a chic and effortless monochromatic outfit.

monochromatic outfit

How to style a Monochromatic Outfit – Different shades of the same color

Pick out pieces from your closet that are the same color but not the exact same shade. I did a white monochromatic look, but all pieces are a different shade. All pieces have a warm yellow undertone. Different shades of the same color will add more dimension to your outfit and will make it look more effortless.

monochromatic outfit

How to style a Monochromatic Outfit – Add layers

The more layers you add, the more dramatic effect your outfit will have. Since I live it Florida and it doesn’t get too cold here, I  wore a blazer, but if you live somewhere cold, go ahead and add a coat! I’ve also noticed that the less skin you show, the more put together your monochromatic outfit will look.  Wear a turtleneck or high neck under your jacket.monochromatic outfit

How to style a Monochromatic Outfit – Accessorize

 If you are not sure what jewelry to wear, follows the tone of your outfit. Wear silver jewelry for cool toned monochromatic outfits (blue, green, purple) and gold jewelry for warm toned monochromatic outfits (red, yellow, orange). I am wearing gold jewelry because my outfit has a warm yellow undertone. Wear silver jewelry for white pieces with cool grey undertone. I chose to keep my shoes and bag in the same color palette, but if you want to add a pop of color, add it in your accessories. This would be a great way to bring some attention to a new statement bag or shoes. 

monochromatic outfit

Shop my look

My pants are ASTR from The Fashion Spot boutique. You can check them out HERE. Earrings are linked HERE. The rest of the pieces are linked below. I linked similar pieces for items that were sold out.

A few months ago I shared a blog blog post with a Summer baby blue Monochromatic look. Check it out HERE. I am sharing some extra tips there. The outfit is very different, but you will notice that same principles apply.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! If you decided to follow my tips and style a monochromatic outfit, tag me in your photos or send them over! I would love to see how they turned out.




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