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My Trip to Bulgaria

Hey guys! It’s been a week since I came back to Florida. It’s been a tough week between trying to get back to normal and planning my schedule for this week (it is Tampa Bay Fashion Week!). Being jet lagged doesn’t help for sure!

I had planned on writing blog posts and doing vlogs while in Bulgaria, but I focused on spending time with my family instead. If you are following me on Instagram, you know that I went to two weddings in Bulgaria (which was one of the main reasons we went back). Our whole trip was planned around the weddings and we visited our families in between. It was a lot of traveling back and forth but is was worth it!

trip to Bulgaria trip to Bulgaria

We spent about a week at my grandparents house, near my home town, Varna. They live in a village, about 15 minutes away from the city. My other grandfather’s house, where I grew up is walking distance from their house, so I got to see all of them every day. Including all my cousins, aunts, and uncles. Most of my friends have moved away from Varna and very few of them were back at the time I was there, so we really spent most of our time with my family. My grandma and my aunt would cook Bulgarian dishes for us every day, so it was more of a food tourism.. lol! They have a garden behind the house where they grow fruits and vegetables and pick them daily for every meal!

trip to Bulgaria

Blazer and shorts set: Miss Lola

Top: Forever 21

I also got to spend my birthday there which was nice, because I hadn’t been back on my birthday since I came to Florida (9 years ago). My grandparents don’t go out a lot now that they are getting older, so we took them out to a park where they used to take us when we were little.

We spend another week in Kardzhali, which is my boyfriend’s home town. Since it is a smaller town, it is always more relaxing when we go there. His sister was also in town, so we got to spend time with her too. We went on a day trip to a little village in the mountains where Kiril spent his summers when he was a kid. The fresh air and the views were amazing!

trip to Bulgaria

Jacket: Miss Lola

trip to Bulgaria

Jacket: Forever21

Top: Miss Lola

Pants: Nasty Gal

The third week was split up in between travelling and the weddings. Both couples are really close friends of ours and we were really excited we got to be part of their special days!

trip to Bulgaria

Jacket: Forever21

Jeans: Forever21

Top: Amazon



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