Spring Trends 2019 Pearl Accessories
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Spring Trends 2019: Pearl accessories

Pearl accessories are definitely one of my favorite Spring Trends this year. To be honest I was expecting the pearl trend to fade away but I am exited it’s making quite a comeback with the pearl bags and hair clips.

Spring Trends 2019 Pearl Accessories


Spring Trends 2019 – Pearl Bags

I’ve had my eye on the pearl bags for a few months now and I’ve been looking to find one that I love. The day I spotted this one at Fashion Nova they had a 40% off sale going on and I bought it without much hesitation! The reason I loved this bag so much is because it is fully lined which makes it a lot more practical than other bags I’ve seen on the market. I also had some store credit from previous purchases and all I ended up paying was shipping! What a steal, right? 

Spring Trends 2019 Pearl Accessories

Nail Kit: Pretty Woman NYC 

Spring Trends 2019 – Pearl Hair Clips

I had these pearl hair clips in my Amazon cart for for probably a month. I loved them but wasn’t sure how to style them, so I was waiting to have an outfit idea in mind to purchase them. Well, as soon as I bought the bag, I knew I had to have them too. Aren’t they so cute together? 

Spring Trends 2019 Pearl Accessories

Being such an accent pieces, in my opinion, the pearl accessories look good styled with simpler outfits. I love how they look with jeans and a white top, but I think they can add a lot to any look. Follow me on Instagram to see other ways I style them this season. 

Spring Trends 2019 Pearl Accessories

What is your favorite spring trend? 

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