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Trip to New York City

My week started with a trip to New York City and I couldn’t be more excited about it. I have been working as an ambassador for a liquor brand since I was in college. So far, I had only done events in Florida, but since I am not tied to my office job anymore, I had the opportunity to go to NYC with them. 

The Hotel

trip to New York city

I stayed at the Empire Hotel and I loved the city view.

There was a nice rooftop bar inside the hotel where we went for drinks.

trip to New York city


Trip to New York City Recap

I had work events both of the nights I was there but I was free during the day on Tuesday and took my time to explore the city. Last time I visited NYC was during my internship, 4 years ago, when I stayed there for almost 3 months. I honestly hated living there, but I love going there on trips. On Tuesday, I also met with @mademoiselleaia in the cutest little coffee shop Le Bilbouquet. She is also from Bulgaria and recently moved to NYC. I always love meeting and hanging out with Bulgarians here. Aia was the first Bulgarian blogger I met and it was really nice to chat with her. She is also the first Bulgarian blogger I ever followed, so it was super exciting to meet her in person! 

trip to New York city

My trip to New York City was quick and I didn’t have much free time but I still enjoyed it. It it always refreshing to go somewhere different and to meet new people. I was lucky that the weather was not too bad while we were there, because it was snowing the day we left. It was in the 40s and thought I would hate it but honestly it was refreshing to change the climate for a couple days.

trip to New York city


If you are Bulgarian, I filmed a vlog about my trip. It will be up soon. Make sure to subscribe to my Bulgarian channel, so you don’t miss it out.

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