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What to wear for Thanksgiving

I can never pick what to wear for Thanksgiving as I am always looking for something cute but comfortable. A sweater with jeans or leggings seems like the way to go, but it is usually too warm for a sweater in Florida. This year I am beyond excited for Thanksgiving. My cousin is coming to visit from Bulgaria this coming Thursday and will be staying until the end of the month. We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Bulgaria and I am excited to show her the American traditions.

Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite American holidays. My parents always cook turkey. Lately we’ve been buying honey backed ham, which is my favorite! What do you all cook for Thanksgiving? I hate that the last few years Black Friday starts so early and people go out shopping on Thursday night instead of spending time with their families. We rarely go out shopping for Black Friday. I always though that the online deals are better. In fact, they have ¬†already started! Some of the items I am showing today to wear for Thanksgiving are on sale! I will most likely be taking my cousin to the mall this Black Friday since it is her first time being here! If you are reading this and you are Bulgarian, I will be doing a video to show the American Thanksgiving and Black Friday traditions!

Lets get back to the subject! Here are some of my favorite items to wear

for Thanksgiving ALL UNDER $50.

What to wear for Thanksgiving – Sweaters

What to wear for Thanksgiving – Dresses

What to wear for Thanksgiving – Bottoms

What to wear for Thanksgiving – Jackets

What to wear for Thanksgiving – Shoes

what to wear for thanksgiving


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